What We Do

What We Do

PeteMusic gives you Warning Signal

  • Unlike just traveling somewhere during the summer break, your journey is far beyond than that. What you’re playing is your footprint, and the sum of them defines your journey. Therefore, there’s no guidelines helping you to reach your goal. If so, you won’t need any maps either, is it true? There’s something does not change… no matter who the player is.
  • We may suggest you where to go. One of our primary objectives is giving you a warning sign if you’re toward to the obstacles. Since you’re a pioneer, these could be looks like the challenges that will make you a better musician. That could be. What we suggest you nonetheless, is consider our advises, which based on 30 years’ experiences in the music business field, to reach your goal without wasting your energy and time.

PeteMusic gives you Compass

  • I mentioned that we follow your journey to aid you reach your goal faster. But it’s always possible to meet with the accident. When this happens, you’ll try to find out where you are first, to ask a help. If there’s no people around, you’ll be step up to let people can find you.
  • We built four steps to makes you discoverable in this online market dominated era. We call this ‘social awareness’. Not only when you’re stuck somewhere, you’ll be looking for people who willing to pay for your music. Your work shouldn’t be stored for the future, but for whom exist now, your fan, your advocator. We will increase your social awareness level step by step, and what you need to do is continuing your journey.

PeteMusic is your Pacemaker

  • Any musicians would want to be satisfied with their works as soon as they can. And no musicians would deny that the process of creation is consist of depression and frustration. If you keep these emotional feelings stealing your energy, you may not accomplish your work with satisfaction. No one can resolve them including us. However, you can control the pace of this process to get the best result.
  • As a partner of yours, we will keep an eye on you and will support you in any terms. You as an Icarus, the sky inspires you to go higher, the sunshine shows you where you can reach, and the sun itself will swallow your whole energy if you forgot your wings’ melting down. We cannot make the wings for you though; we will shout on you for the safe journey, and in case you fall, we will catch you on the ground for your next journey.

“So… What Next?”

We hope this makes sense to you, and agree with the importance of the personal meeting to make progress further. If you do so, please leave your email address below and we’ll contact you soon.